Transparent Process

From system analysis to implementation, we believe our clients should understand how and why our engineered solutions work. Our clients have a broad coalition of stakeholders and the cross-functional nature of our project teams mean that we must communicate our 4.0 thinking in terms that everyone can understand. We pride ourselves with developing a message that can be championed by the organization and clearly understood by the consumer.

Technology Neutral Solutions

We are committed to providing the right solutions, not the popular solutions. Based on our client’s business values, goals and objectives, we provide the right mix of technology (digital and physical) specifically designed to contribute their growth. Your equipment and software should be solely based on how well it fits and will work within your facility, not the name.

Industry 4.0 Design Philosophy

The main driver of our digital theory is to connect the enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems of the business with the manufacturing and inventory systems of the business (SCADA, MES, WMS, and WES).  Our software design includes Industry 4.0 thinking by enabling all systems to be ready for cloud computing, eCommerce website, and Internet of Things (IoT).

Strategic Partnership

We employ a best-in-class approach to equipment selection, where we stay constantly immersed in the latest technology.  We have established relationships with OEMs that have the best reputations in the industry for value and durability.  In system design, we analyze the value chain and select qualified vendors to bid on commodity portions, while aligning with strategic partners for essential components of the system.


Christopher Paulsen

Chief Executive Officer

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Chief Operating Officer

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Chief Marketing Officer

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