Cost-effective software tools with high-level functionality for your warehouse operations.

With a rapidly increasing demand for speed and accuracy,
it’s important to choose the right Warehouse Execution System.


Managing inventory and order fulfillment is crucial to the success of any automated material handling system. Working in concert with ERP systems, the PULSE.exe software is the right solution to challenging ever increasing demands from your customers. Choosing the right solution can be confusing as many systems are not designed to optimize technology, capacity or take advantage of order/picking batch efficiency.

Fine Tuning The Warehouse

PULSE.exe is a full set of integration tools that provides operational insight and performance optimization throughout your entire operation. It is a flexible, tightly integrated system that uses advanced management capabilities for inventory control, resource scheduling and order management. It’s modular in nature, easily configurable, and scalable to easily adapt to your current and future needs. The core of our tools is centered around our Warehouse Control System (WCS) and our Warehouse Execution System (WES).

Warehouse Execution System (WES)

The WES is the middleware between an ERP/WMS and the resources necessary to perform various tasks. These resources include labor as well as the WCS which controls the Material Handling Technologies. The WES communicates with the various resources to manage discrete inventory, collect information, and direct work efforts such as Order Fulfillment, Replenishment, and Shipping.

Warehouse Control System (WCS)

The WCS acts like a conductor in an orchestra, ensuring that individual pieces of material handling technology performs with harmony, precision and efficiency. This is the real-time layer that controls conveyor, AS/RS, AMRs, AGVS, etc.

Strengthening The Logistics Network


We use powerful data analytics to provide strategic insight into the your supply chain operation.

Supply Chain Optimization

Our customized and automated solutions improve planning, inventory,
order fulfillment, and distribution strategies.

Operational Visibility & Control

You’ll have greater end-to-end visibility and control using real-time data within a single system.


Bottom Line Results​​



and accuracy

Lower operating




Better asset







and fast ROI


Incorporated into the PULSE.exe WES and WCS is a modular set of software products that encompasses all of the tools necessary to efficiently and economically operate your warehouse or distribution/fulfillment center. PULSE.exe software consists of the following five modules. You can select only the modules needed, and have the flexibility to add modules as your business grows.

Inventory Management System (IMS)™

A key element of the WES is this state-of-the-art technology to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of warehouse operations and data integrity. IMS™ maintains optimum inventory levels, accurately managing and tracking inventory throughout the warehouse. 

IMS™ provides the necessary tools to improve inventory forecasting, planning and management. It enhances customer service and profitability by reducing back orders and improving on-time delivery. IMS™ also maintains optimum inventory levels and accurately tracks inventory throughout multiple warehouses. IMS™ provides real-time statistics and customized reports.

Order Management System (OMS)™

The backbone of Order Fulfillment and the WES, the OMS provides the functionality necessary to properly and efficiently execute the order fulfillment process. This module facilitates the planning, processing, verifying, picking, packing and shipping of orders within the warehouse or distribution center.

OMS™ provides the functionality to properly and efficiently execute the order fulfillment process. OMS™ facilitates the planning, processing, verification, and shipping of orders within the warehouse or distribution center. OMS™ streamlines the ordering process, accelerates order turnaround, and increases order accuracy with reduced labor costs, resulting in improved customer satisfaction.

Shipment Management System (SMS)™

A software tool that provides reliable parcel and LTL shipment manifesting. Powered by ConnectShip™, SMS™ streamlines shipping processes based on your business needs.

SMS™ provides all the tools you need to efficiently ship your product throughout the world. SMS™ provides a carrier-compliant parcel and LTL shipping manifest system. Our software supports all major carriers and provides you with carrier-compliant labels and documentation. Powered by ConnectShip™, SMS™ offers customized shipping solutions to streamline order fulfillment and shipping processes according to your best practices.


This module, an integral element of the WCS, is the focal point for managing the operational aspects of the material handling system. It optimizes the routing of orders on the conveyor system. This module coordinates real-time control devices to efficiently manage the workload.

NAVIGATOR™ is the focal point for managing the operational aspects of the material handling system. NAVIGATOR™ coordinates the various real-time control devices to effectively and efficiently manage your daily workload. NAVIGATOR™ optimizes the picking, sorting and routing of orders for accurate and efficient order processing. NAVIGATOR™ provides seamless integration to most of the leading ERP and WMS systems, as well as custom programs.


Toolkit™ is a powerful, multi-purpose tool that provides the technology needed for fast and accurate communication with the host Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System, Warehouse Management System (WMS) and the lower-level Material Handling System. It has dynamic diagnostic capabilities for monitoring and troubleshooting. This application also provides RFID solutions to further enhance visibility across the supply chain.

PULSE A/S (AutoStore)

We understand that not all systems require custom configured solutions, so we have developed a standard product called PULSE A/S. This product draws upon various components our vast set of modular products and is configured into a product designed for fast, cost-effective implementation. The PULSE A/S includes all the functionality needed, including standard interfaces to ERP and WMS, inventory management, put-away, order fulfillment, and shipment.

PULSE.exe Integration Made Easy

From standard/customizable products such as PULSE A/S, Automated Storage and Retrieval software, to our fully customized solutions built from our vast product suite, our software has been designed to integrate a wide variety of technologies. As business requirements evolve, our software products and solutions continue to evolve to meet the ever-changing market demands.



ASRS Unit Load

ASRS Mini Load


Voice Pick

RF Pick




Cost Effective

Since our software is equipment agnostic, the modules can be implemented quickly into your current operating system. This is a very efficient and cost-effective way to automate your operations and improve your ROI without the expense of purchasing new equipment.


The modules can be added to an existing installation as a first automation step. As your warehouse or distribution needs change and/or expand, other PULSE.exe management tools can be seamlessly added.


Our software is modular and user friendly. You can easily configure the modules to accommodate your company’s unique business requirements, changing warehouse needs, and increased demand as your company grows and prospers.

Outstanding Support

PULSE.exe provides service and support that are second to none. Through extensive planning, our experienced project engineers work closely with you to provide you with the best solution and a seamless installation. We do not outsource our support to a third party, so you can be confident that you are getting support from experts who are familiar with your business environment.

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