OTTO Motors

The Self-Driving Solution for Lean Factories

Partnered with PULSE Integration

Increase your productivity

without increasing

your footprint

or your workforce.

Unlock the Potential of Your Facility

OTTO is more than a self-driving vehicle. Our products work together to reduce manual touches in the production process and deliver uptime, throughput improvements, and safety.

Welcome to OTTO Motors
Welcome to OTTO Motors

OTTO 100

OTTO 1500

The Future Is Self-Driven

OTTO is designed to quickly adapt to different tasks, floorplans, and workflows in a few clicks. 


OTTO senses its environment and reacts in real time. No tape, guides, or predefined paths required.

The self-driving vehicles are flexible platforms that can carry standard or custom payloads.

Increase Your

Facility’s Throughput

OTTO adds reliability and cadence to your material flow, improving availability and effectiveness of equipment, people, and process.

Reclaim Unproductive

OTTO enables you to reduce buffer size by making smaller, more frequent deliveries,
which reduces WIP and on-hand inventory.

Standardize Facility

The best processes in each facility can be shared with all facilities, distinguishing your brand with a world-class culture of innovation.

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